Abiy’s efforts to unify Ethiopia could lead to its disintegration – Abiy Ahmed News

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s quest to bring all Ethiopians together through increased centralisation is tearing the country apart.

Ethiopia tigray conflict and war victims refugeesToday, Ethiopia is once again in crisis. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s efforts to re-centralise all state powers in Addis Ababa and dismantle the multi-ethnic federation established in the 1995 constitution in the name of “national unity”, led to an armed conflict between the federal military and a regional government, ruined thousands of lives and livelihoods, and once again made Ethiopia a centre of instability and conflict in the Horn of Africa.

It now seems Abiy’s push for “unity could achieve thee exact opposite – disintegration.

In 2018, Abiy ascended to power on a promise to bring unity, prosperity and peace to a polarised country engulfed in violent and seemingly endless unrest and chronic economic hardship. And as soon as he took office, with the support of an overwhelming majority of Ethiopians and the international community behind him, he embarked on an ambitious reform programme at breakneck speed. KEEP READING

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