TPLF Criminals list killed in action, including Colonel Yemane Gebremiechael, disclosed by Ethiopian Defense Force

Abiy Ahmed news today

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday announced about Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders who were killed during the law enforcement operation.

One of those killed in action is said to be Colonel Yemane Gebremiechael who is believed to be, according to Ethiopian government position, behind the Maikadra massacre in early November 2020.

TPLF Criminals, leaders killed and captured by the Ethiopian Defense Force

Former State Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Mulu GebreEgziabhier, is among leaders who were taken captive during the operation.

Brig. General Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the deployment department within the defense force, told Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) there was a joint operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Federal police to capture TPLF leaders. Some are captured live while those who resisted were killed in action.

There are, however, TPLF leaders who are not yet captured or confirmed to be dead. The joint operation between the Defense Force and the Federal Police is still undertaking the operation to hunt them down.

According to Brig. General Tesfaye, some TPLF military and political leaders were captured in a monastic community in north Ethiopia disguising themselves as monks. Others were found in a cave. Finish Reading Story

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