Former TPLF chairman Debretsion – alleged audio release – promises ‘resistance’ and …

Ethiopia Tigray Region

Months after his disappearance following Ethiopian Defense Force’s law enforcement operation Tigray region of Ethiopia, a recorded voice message that is alleged to be from Tigray People’s Liberation Front -TPLF- and former president of the region, Debretsion Gebremichael is released on Sunday.

Debretsion Gebremichael- Ethiopia Tigray region

The people of Tigray is subjected to genocide and annihilation because it held a democratic election,” the person in the voice message, that is said to be Debretsion’s, said, as reported by DW Amharic service.

In the alleged voice message, it is said “there was an imbalance of forces as four governments and regional forces took part in the war and invasion of Tigray.”

The voice message published by Dimisti Woyane (with Amharic translation) is said to have come from “battlefront,” which is Tigray.

The Ethiopian government has announced earlier that the military operation was completed within three weeks after it was started on November 4, 2020. What is currently underway is, according to the Ethiopian government, an operation to apprehend individuals who are believed to have been responsible for the attack on Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4 (and for the war too.)

About 147 TPLF leaders at different levels, including the founder Sebhat Nega, have been arrested following the Ethiopian Defense Force operation in the region. At least five key TPLF leaders are killed during a shoot out in the operation.

There have been social media rumours that Debretsion Gebremichael has been killed in the Temben region but the Ethiopian Defense Force did not disclose anything about it at his writing.

What is confirmed this week is that the Ethiopian Defense Force seized tonnes of medical supplies which TPLF leaders reportedly hid in the wilderness of Guroro, along the Temben area, which TPLF leaders used as a last stronghold.

Source: Borkena

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