Eritrean refugees say several women rapped by TPLF forces – Abiy Ahmed News

Eritrean refugees want to be relocated to a safe place as they face various forms of attack from the TPLF forces in the Tigray region.

Eritrean refugees in Tigray killes

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces are rapping, killing and looting Eritrean refugees in a way that violates the international law that governs refugee protection, reported Ethiopian News Agency.

Solomon Tesfamariam, an Eritrean Refugee, reportedly told ENA dozens of refugees are killed in Shimelba and Hitsats refugee camps.

Refugees who fled from the camps are reportedly in Debark town, in the North Gonder zone of Amhara region.

In Mayaeni, he added, six refugees are killed in unspecified time, but only one of the victims is laid to rest. The remaining victims are yet to be buried, according to the report.

Mr. Solomn is cited as saying “we are refugees, not an opposition group or supporter of any political entity. Refugees need to live in peace, and the international community should vehemently condemn it and request the illegal group to refrain from its illegal action,”

Giday Tesfazghi is another Eritrean refugee. He reportedly told ENA ”The TPLF terrorist group has committed unspeakable maltreatment.” Dozens of women were raped and several others, including children under four years of age, were kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location, he added.

TPLF is also diverting medicines that were meant to be delivered to the refugees for its own use. The refugees said there is no water and food supply currently, or health services.

Also, the TPLF has militarized the refugee camps as it has mounted heavy weaponry within the refugee camp.

Sintayehu Berihun, coordinator of Maytsemri refugee camp, confirmed that refugees have been killed and raped, and that it has been reported.

He also confirmed that many refugees are relocating to Adarkai and Debark towns. Up to 25,000 refugees are expected to arrive in these towns, as reported by ENA.

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